About Vegas Expert and my casino reviews

In my years of experience with online casinos and gambling in general, I have seen many casino players being scammed by unfair online casinos and losing more and more money because of not understanding how casino games work. That is why I decided to launch Vegas Expert, a project dedicated to helping players choose good online casinos and understand how things work in this industry.

I hope that my articles will help you understand the key concepts of online gambling. However, I would like to start by explaining how I rate and review online casinos you can see on this website.

Each casino has a rating on a scale from 0 (worst) to 10 (best). Here are the factors I calculate with when evaluating a casino website:

  • Size of the casino – When it comes to online casino, size matters a lot. Casinos with small revenues can struggle to pay out your winnings if you win a lot, whereas this issue doesn't occur frequently with big casino sites with big revenues. Therefore, I consider big casinos to be safer for players, in general.
  • Complaints about the casino – There are many places where players regularly complain about online casinos that have treated them badly or outright scammed them. This tells a lot about how the casino behaves to its players, which is why I consider complaints in my review of each casino.
  • Fairness of the casino's terms and conditions – Each casino has its terms and conditions, and some of them contain unfair clauses that can be used against players. I do not recommend playing in casinos that do this, so you will not find casino sites with unfair T&Cs in my list of top casinos.
  • Blacklists that the casino appears on – Blacklists are created by industry professionals and websites that care about player safety. If a casino appears on one or multiple blacklists, I take it as a warning sign that there might be serious issues.
  • Related casinos – I also take a look at other casinos operated by the same company or with some kind of relationship with each casino I review. This can influence my review positively or negatively, depending on the quality of the casino and other casinos with which it has a connection.

In my list of casinos, you can only see online casinos that pass my review with a good score, as I only want to recommend quality websites to my readers. Your choice of casino will influence your entire gambling experience, so it is important you pick one that will treat you well.

About me

Niklas Wirtanen (1)

Niklas Wirtanen

My name is Niklas Wirtanen, I work in the online gambling industry, and I am a professional poker player. Thanks to my years of experience in online casinos and other types of gambling, I've gained a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of this industry, which I decided to share through the Vegas Expert website. I hope my expertise will help make your gambling experience better.

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